About Genialis

Genialis delivers beautiful and insightful data analysis software to life scientists. For our existing clients in pharma, academia and institutional R&D, we empower researchers to find answers to their questions. We make it possible for biologists to interpret vast, complex data more autonomously.

Our core team boasts an impressive and diverse set of experiences—of 15 team members from Slovenia and the US, more than half earned a PhD in relevant scientific fields focused on everything from genomics and genetics to machine learning and AI.

We aim to become the essential data analysis software in life science research—a tool each user works with every day, and that no researcher would choose to live without.

Transparency, freedom, trust, dreaming big and work-life balance are just a few key values that define Genialis as a company and as a team. Last but not least, we are all here to work on something that has a huge impact on improving people's lives.

Current openings

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